Sunday, October 24, 2010

Out to breakfast


(repeat post from vegging out)
Lance,Jack and I went out for breakfast today. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out so I was super excited. We decided to go cup and saucer on hawthorne. I had been there once before when I still ate meat and remember it being good.
Jack and Lance

Cornmeal spelt pancakes
 For a restaurant on hawthorne I was expecting a lot of vegan options. They did have a long list of scrambles and vegan pancakes. I didn't feel like a scramble so I ordered the pancakes even though I wasn't quite sure about cornmeal-spelt blueberry pancakes. They were really good. Much more filling then regular pancakes. I made the mistake of ordering 2 but 1 was more then enough. I also ordered a side of vegan sausage and I know it has been awhile since I last ate a real sausage but it was good,it was "I made Lance taste it to make sure that it wasn't pork sausage good". Morningstar is the company that makes it. 

Jack eating pancakes
Jack loved the pancakes and ate most of one of them.


  1. You are such a beautiful family. Looks like a great place for breakfast. Do they have squash puree? Seriously, these pics make the 6 weeks easier to handle.

  2. hey dad since you loved the squash puree so much I have planned a whole meal for when you are here with squash puree in everything!