Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Digging for potatoes!

I love digging up potatoes in the fall.  It is a bit like an easter egg hunt, digging through the dark dirt looking for the light brown skin of the potatoes. Jackpot!

I enlisted jack's help this year. He was responsible for putting the potatoes into the box

He preferred to dig in the dirt and look for "erms". We talked a lot about how to hold them gently and not cut them with our spades. Our worms are huge this year which always makes me happy. I know they are working hard converting our heavy clayish soil to lovely rich dark soil

This is about half of the potatoes. We will leave the rest in the ground for now. Not a bad haul considering we didn't plant any new potatoes these are from the little baby potatoes that we missed last year

Unrelated but cute pictures of jack! I couldn't decide which pictures to cut out so you get to see them all!


  1. I love everything about this post! I love the potatoes, and the worms, and Jack's fall-colored sweater, and his cute smiles, and mostly the fact that you are going out to your garden together to collect food for your meal. Jealous.